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We are a company from China, our company is focused on running a fashion products,bags,men's, women's, and a variety of accessories product line, the future will continueto expand the scope of the fashion product line. Designed to give you a one-stop shopping service.

Our products will be stylish, practical, high quality throughout the design, production,packaging, transportation and other series of links. This is our customers are satisfied with the product on the basis of, but also allows us to have the majority of the new and old customers.

About our service:
Retail, wholesale, agents and other business model, you are welcome to join us.
Economy, standard, fast transportation programs.
Provide online customer service, Skype, telephone, and other service channels.

Here is our contact information:

          Email: customer-service@jiyaru.com

            Skype: kevinstly

            Phone: 0086055165375231

Address: Wangjiang Road 198, 11, Room 1423
                 Shushan District, Hefei,Anhui

Our working time: GMT+8/08:30-17:30.

company:Heifei Qianbo Trade Co., Ltd.