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Precautions on leather shoes wearing

A good pair of shoes, except for their own material maintenance, proper wearing habits can improve the durability of the shoes:

1. Do not force to wear new shoes 2. Use a shoe horn, do not stepping on the heel in order to avoid the phenomenon of the heap with 3. The shoes can not be exposed to moisture, rain soaked, water brush, exposure and roasted, as soon as possible in order to prop up the paper and wipe with a dry cloth and let dry naturally and ventilated place to dry. 4 If it is leather bottom, to extend wearing life. do not step in the water, gravel or hard things. its better to rubber the sole. 6 Since the role of human sweat, shoes inside will fade is a normal phenomenon. 7 diamonds, metal buckles are hand-inlaid that oxidation occurs in wet locations or fade is a normal phenomenon. 8. Shoes should not wear more than two days in a row, so that the leather has a chance to recuperate.


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